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Below are some frequently asked questions that paranormal teams tend to encounter more often than not.

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I have already had a paranormal team do an investigation for me, and nothing conclusive, or much, was found. Should I ask them back, or another team to come in, or would that be wasting everyone else’s time?

Absolutely you can ask the team back, or ask another team to come and investigate, and NO it would not be wasting anyone’s time!

There is no “on / off” button for the paranormal, and just because one time might have had no, or little, results, doesn’t mean that they, or another team, wont have better results at a different time.

There are many factors to why a team may recover no evidence on an investigation. Time of day, time of month, time of year, sometimes even a person, or people at the location.

So, don’t ever fear getting the original investigation team, or even a new team in to re investigate your site, you will not be wasting anyone’s time. Who knows, something, or more, might be captured.

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Should I keep a diary of dates and times of the unexplained that happen to me?

Absolutely you should. This is considered crucial information to a paranormal investigator.

Try and be as specific as you can, the more information about what happened, the date, the time, type of activity, etc, the better.

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Does DUST charge for investigations?

Absolutely not! DUST will never charge to do an investigation.

However, with the cost of each investigation, any donations are graciously accepted.

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Can I make a donation to DUST?

Most certainly, although there is no obligation to!

Investigations are costly to conduct, (anywhere from $50.00 to $300.00 per investigation), but DUST are fully prepared to front the costs.

If you do wish to make a donation though, you can do so by clicking here.

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What is a Residual Haunting?

A residual haunting is generally likened to a tape or video playing the same thing over and over again.

The spirit that is seen continues to do what it does, regardless of the presence of anyone else, and it is not aware of anyone else.

A residual haunting spirit does not interact with anyone, or seem aware of anything, it just keeps playing out the same thing all the time. It is like an imprint in time, that just keeps doing the same thing over and over.

A residual haunting is theorised to be created by the “energy” of a certain location. Certain sights, smells & sounds, may be experienced in a repetitive manner with a residual haunting. This may include the common reports of foot-steps, sounds, musical sounds and or instruments, etc.

It is possible to hear voices, whispers, footsteps, objects moving, etc, with residual hauntings.

Eventually, a residual haunting may simply stop on its own because it loses the energy that helped create it, with the passage of time.

It is believed that this is actually the most common of all hauntings that may be experienced.

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What is an Intelligent Haunting?

An intelligent haunting is exactly like it sounds. A spirit in an intelligent haunting can interact, respond, mimic, even make itself appear as an apparition.

An intelligent haunting is aware of its surroundings, and the living. An intelligent haunting can also interact with its surroundings and the living on a physical level, with a level of consciousness about it.

It is possible to hear voices, whispers, footsteps, objects moving, etc, with intelligent hauntings. Many people have been physically touched in an intelligent haunting.

A spirit in an intelligent haunting may likely answer questions that are being asked, in a timely fashion, may respond to knocking (or banging), or knock or bang to respond to questions, etc. These responses may be heard by the naked ear at the time, or by the analysis of audio recordings.

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What is EMF?

EMF is short for electromagnetic field (also known as EM Field). EMF is a physical field produced by electrically charged objects.

EMF affects the behaviour of charged objects within the close area of its field.

EMF's can occur naturally wherever electricity and electrical equipment is in use.

In and around the home or business, EMF's are produced by anything with electric current flowing through it, such as electrical wiring, electrical appliances, even power lines running from the street.

Most household appliances in Australia operate on 240 volts, so electric fields are low.

Power lines contribute little to the electrical fields that can be measured inside a house or business. This is because of the walls of the building.

Any solid object can create a shield from the electrical field.

A typical house, or business, generally shields at least 90% of the electrical fields from outside.

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What is an EVP?

EVP is short for electronic voice phenomena.

EVP's are one of the most interesting areas of paranormal research.

Voices and sounds from unknown sources can be recorded on electronic devices such as tape recorders, digital voice recorders, video recorders, mobile phones, and many other devices.

The popular theory is that an EVP represents voices, or sounds, from spirits, or other unknown entities.

Quite often EVP’s are not heard by the naked ear at the time of recording, but they certainly can be. EVP’s are generally discovered when playing back the recording during analysis.

EVP’s have been experienced prior to recording devices being invented, and have been widely documented since recording devices have been invented.

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